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BeautiControl...Creating a Life You Can LOVE!!!

Laura McLean -- Senior Executive Director

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Welcome to the McLean Senior Executive Team Website...

My name is Laura McLean, and I am your Senior Executive Director!!!

 This page was last modified on Wednesday March 27,2013 09:07 PM


If you're new to BC, I'm ready to be one of your biggest fans!  I cannot wait to hear from you and get to know another member of this amazing family.  Familiarize yourself with the links and email me so we can begin our friendship.  It is my desire that this be a place of information, inspiration, and encouragement for you on your journey to CREATING A LIFE YOU CAN LOVE!!!

I will keep this site updated with the latest successes of our team members across Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma (if you're not on here and you should be, let me know...we want to celebrate with you!), opportunities and dates you need to know about, and the latest resources to help you succeed in your make this one of your "Favorites" and don't be a stranger! :)   And every one of you whose name is mentioned on this site (regardless of where it may be) is a've either held spas and shared BC's great products and business opportunity, recruited someone (who may be a director someday and changed their life forever), made some extra income for you and your family, or received a promotion that we can all celebrate at the unit rally!  You are moving forward in your business in the midst of many other endeavors...I respect and admire you!!  So...woo-hoo!!!  You go, girl!! :)


December Achievers

(as of 12/31/12)

 Top Bookers                                                              Top Sellers   

 (4 = Party Animal!)                                                                         (on track for $1000/

(8 = Party Beast!)                      Top Recruiters                          $2000 clubs!!!)


  LaDonna SteelmanOK7 Michelle PendergraftAR10Kimberly NyeAR$1899
 Michelle PendergraftAR6Kimberly NyeAR6 Danan SmithOK$1218
  Kimberly PerrittAR2 Michelle PendergraftAR$1030
  LaDonna SteelmanOK1  

Kimberli Teff

  Laura McLeanAR1   
      Team Recruits=21  




December Promotions



New Sr VIP w/$100 Bonus.....Michelle Pendergraft!!!

New VIP...........................................Kimberly Perritt!!!




  December VIPs with Volume



VIPs w/$1000 volume.....Danan Smith, Kimberly Nye,

                                     Nicoleta Hayes,

                                           and LaDonna Steelman!!!




T.E.A.M. Events



Team Celebrations!!!  New products will be shared and you will be recognized for your achievements!  Be there...and bring someone with you!!!


Fort Smith, ARTuesday, February 5th from 6:30 -- 8:30 pm at

                             Home of Laura McLean (Directions provided below)

                             931 River Chase Dr.

                             Alma, AR


New Consultant Orientation!!!   Call in anytime to listen

Part 1 (29 min)  Conference Dial-in Number:  (559) 546-1099  Code: 969976#

Part 2 (22 min)  Conference Dial-in Number:  (559) 546-1099  Code: 1056923#

Part 3 (17 min)  Conference Dial-in Number:  (559) 546-1199  Code: 384010#


VIPs  Learn more valuable tools EVERY week from VIPs across the nation! ... go to BeautiNet then click on "Training & Events", "Training", and then "VIP Training" to see the tools.  Also, VIP Calls  Every Tuesday night at 8:00 CDT



Beauti YOU!!!


Consultants are urged to bring at least 1 guest...I'll do my best to recruit them 4 you!


Fort Smith, ARSaturday, February 9th from 9:00 am -- 3:00 pm, Location TBA
                              Aspen Hotel & Suites

                              2900 South 68th (behind Chili's on Roger's Ave)

                              Fort Smith, AR 72903




Directions to Laura's Home:


These directions are provided for those who don't have a GPS and possibly for those who do! Just a word of warning, our address doesn't show up on many GPS's ... and even if it does, it may take you the long way around on some dirt roads ... might try just entering "River Chase Dr, Alma AR" to get you to our street ... or to be sure you get there the fastest way possible without getting lost (or dusty), just follow the directions below.


From Fort Smith, Greenwood, Poteau, and Pocola: Get on I-540 North to go through the Fort Smith and Van Buren exits, go right when you get to I-40 to get onto I-40 East, stay on I-40 East when you get to the I-540 exit to Fayetteville, then take the very next exit (Exit #13) to Alma, turn right at the end of the exit ramp, go 0.3 miles, turn left at the first light onto Hwy 64 East, go 4.7 miles to Dyer (once you drive past the green Dyer population sign, the highway will curve to the right, and then Ridge Road is the 3rd road on the left after the curve), turn left onto Ridge Road, go 0.6 miles (you will cross a bridge over the interstate), then make an immediate right onto Melody Lane, go 0.8 miles, then take a left into River Vista Estates (thru a red brick gatehouse), go up a steep hill, go straight until you get to a little cul de sac, make a left, and then that road turns into our driveway and ends right at our house: 931 River Chase.
From Lavaca and Charleston: Go to Barling on Hwy 22 West, turn right on Hwy 59 North toward Van Buren, go 8.5 miles, get on I-540 North...then follow the directions starting in green above.
From Sallisaw OK, Muldrow OK, Roland OK, and north Van Buren: Get on I-40 East and go to Exit #13 at Alma, Arkansas...then follow the directions starting in blue above.
From Fayetteville and Mountainburg: Go south on I-540 until you get to I-40, go left onto I-40 East toward Little Rock, once you're on I-40 you'll take the first exit (Exit #13) to Alma...then follow the directions starting in blue above.
From Russellville, Clarksville, Ozark, and Paris: Go west on I-40 toward Fort Smith (not all the way to Fort Smith, but toward it) past Ozark and Mulberry, take the Dyer exit (Exit #20), turn left at the end of the exit ramp, go 0.4 miles to the end of the road, reset your trip odometer and turn right onto Hwy 64 West, go 2.3 miles (OK, there aren't any real landmarks for Ridge Rd coming from this direction...once you've reached Dyer and are getting close to the 2.3 miles distance slow should see one of those vertical rectangular signs with diagonal yellow and black lines on both sides of the road (that signify a ditch going underneath the highway...Ridge Rd is on the right IMMEDIATELY after those won't see the street sign coming from this direction because of a tree line blocking your view), turn right onto Ridge Road...then follow the directions starting in purple above.